Chief of Staff Business Development

12 months ago

Company Description

With over 12 years of relevant experience in cross-platform skills and quality-integrated methodologies, Eiysys adopts a competent global delivery model in providing value-based solutions as well as professional services to clients worldwide. With a high number of registered users across various countries, we are on a mission to design a more enlightened way of working. We are unique today because we make tomorrow by developing premium Brands, Web portals, and Mobile Apps seeing the future. We integrate marketing and branding with Digital innovations. Apart from being headquartered in the USA and India, we also have offices in the 12 different parts of the world.

Role Description

As Chief of Staff- Business Development, you will play an indispensable role in ensuring the Business Development team achieves its ambitious goals in time. From day one, the chief of staff will have an immediate impact on our productivity, streamlining strategic initiatives, overseeing program management, and acquaint objectives between departments. Captain the strategic business initiatives of development through successful execution under the guidance of senior leadership and heads.


You have to set revenue goals and establish strong relationships with customers by coordinating efforts between them and team members.
You have to drive the business revenue on a short-term and long-term basis by identifying potential clients and aiming to keep them as repeated customers.
Serve as the channel between staff, executives, senior leaders, and CEO, with reference to the company’s climate, employee well-being, project updates, proposals, and planning.
By virtue of your skills and experience as a business leader, you are expected to train people who can bring newness to the business project.
You have to find fair shake for business development to advance the goals of other teams and work-cross functionally to secure partner inclusion in these initiatives.

Skills and Qualifications

Master’s degree in Business Administration or any similar field..
5+ years of work experience in a Business Management, Business Development, Business Strategy, or Operations.
Excellent communicator in written and verbal form.
Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity.

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Bharat gandass

I am an expert technology advisor for start-ups predominantly in Blockchain and Security areas. I have done Masters in Business Administration (Finance and IB) and serving the IT sector from last 10 years.

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