Next Exchange

Next Exchange

The Next exchange is the exchange based on Custom Block chain and works as a combination of both centralized and decentralized exchange.

Next Exchange Requirement

The Client in this project is looking to develop an exchange platform which is based on the combination of a centralized and decentralized exchange.

  • The Client needs the vendor to understand the concept nd flow of the complete project as the exchange will be working as a centralized and decentralized at the same time.
  • Also the vendor staff must understand that in this exchange whenever the user creates a wallet their Private key is not stored but the transaction is occurred in a centralized way.
  • The Client needs to develop the entire exchnage on custom Blockchain development.
  • Project accuracy should be 97%.
  • The vendor was expected to have infrastructure in place to scale up in order the requirements are enhanced or some other additional features in the project are included which requires the infrastructure to be modified in the later stage.

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