GWallet Requirement

The client was looking for an experienced resource team to work on the project to develop a wallet which allows the user to buy digital currency of his /her choice using Cash which is known as fiat money.

  • Vendor must have a deep understanding of the concepts of trading between cash and digital currencies and should be well aware about the high end terminology of the Digital currency trading.
  • Vendor staff must be able to synchronize the complete project into phases such as to achieve high effectiveness and efficiency along with meeting deadlines. .

Vendor Staff has to be trained to develop and review all the functionalities such as escrowing money, Marketplace creation, wallet functions and digital currency transfers using Cash/Fiat Money.

  • Project accuracy should be 97%.
  • The vendor was expected to have infrastructure in place to scale up in order the requirements are enhanced or some other additional features in the project are included which requires the infrastructure to be modified in the later stage.

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