Top Tips to Master Automation Anywhere for RPA

Top Tips to Master Automation Anywhere for RPA

Here is Everything You Need to Know Automation Anywhere Platform for RPA

The dawn of technology has brought us numerous gifts, and automation is certainly ranked among one of the best ones. The tech has driven growth and prosperity to numerous businesses, causing the automation industry to grow rapidly.

As the advantages of automation are being recognized by more businesses, even more of them are trying to implement it in their proceedings. Be it organization agility, unifying business procedures, creating enterprise scalability, decreasing operational expenses, or eradicating communication hurdles, automation can facilitate everything.

To better understand the capabilities of Automation Anywhere with an RPA platform, we have created an extensive blog. Here you will learn everything you need to know to master Automation Anywhere.

Automation Prospects for a Digital Workforce

RPA tech helps the supply chains to become a key factor for enabling:

  1. Enhanced productivity of disparate business proceedings.

  2. Better processing speed for meeting the need of product apps and support for a product’s launch.

  3. Help fulfil the requirements of a strategic application.

  4. Quick responses to regulatory or financial changes demanding extra manual processing.

Automation is primarily used by BPOs for reducing operational expenses, increasing manpower capabilities, and improving operational performance. Essentially, RPA facilitates productivity enhancement via:

  1. Collecting every email attachment

  2. Shaping the Excel data into a web-based form

  3. Extracting data from PDFs and turning it into Excel

  4. Confirming process completion through emails

What is Automation Anywhere Platform?

Calling Automation Anywhere one of the biggest RPA platforms will not be a stretch. The platform helps in training bots for assisting in comprehending the structure of routine tasks. After the training, a bot can be deployed to assess how the bot is automating the activities.

These bots can function all around the clock with impeccable accuracy, assessing activities that the standard humans perform for completing a computer-based procedure. Then the recorded activities are recorded as many times as you wish without the need for any human intervention.

RPA can also automate different organisation-level business procedures that involve managing information in formats from different sources into a desktop app and clients.

Types of RPA Bots

There are different types of RPA bots you can utilize:

  • IQ Bot

  • Meta Bot

  • Task Bot

The bots can be used for automating business procedures via Automation Anywhere. This way, businesses can develop and train bots with Task Editor and Recorders.

Here are the recorders that can help in bot automation:

Smart Recorder

Also known as object recorder, Smart Recorder is a form of advanced recorder best suited for developing desktop apps. It utilizes window control actions like list buttons and boxes, drop-down menus, radio checkboxes and buttons status, etc.

Screen Recorder

Also known as standard recorder, Screen Recorder helps easily develop simple automation procedures. The same is facilitated by capturing mouse clicks and keystrokes performed manually when a cycle is being completed.

Web Recorder

Web recorder is utilized for recording procedures based on web apps and it needs the extracted information from the websites.

Role of Task Editor in Automation Anywhere

Task Editor is another integral part of Automation Anywhere as it comprises numerous drag-and-drop wizards and commands. The commands can be availed in the editor windows for automating any process without prior programming.

It can also be utilized for creating a brand new manual automated task. The automation and management of the bots’ task flow is facilitated through the commands. Here are some crucial commands you can use:

  • Clipboard

  • Active Directory

  • File/Folder

  • Comment

  • Email Automation

  • Database

  • App Integration

  • Excel

  • If-Else

  • Export Dataset

Although there are more commands that can train the bots for automating business procedures. The commands can be modified in the Task Editor as per the value of your variable. Every command mentioned has a command subset for performing different activities as per the procedures based on the specific variable.

Wrapping Up

Automation is certainly one of the most useful advents the modern market has given us. With the modern industry demands getting complicated, the need for automation has magnified significantly. Performing repetitive tasks routinely is a hurdle manual labour cannot sustain for long.

This is where automation swoops in to save the day. The blog has specified characteristics of Automation Anywhere platform so that your business can utilize it aptly. Go through the blog and get equipped with the knowledge. Moreover, you can reach our website to read about similar topics.  


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