5 Effective Use Cases of Blockchain in Healthcare Industry

Blockchain has made remarkable changes in different industries but the Healthcare industry is the one which has been completely overhauled by the use of Blockchain.
Blockchain use cases are being discovered every day and now many healthcare industries have released their blockchain-based systems to improve healthcare for both professionals and patients.
Let's talk about 5 effective use cases of Blockchain in the healthcare industry.

  1. Blockchain to Improve Medical Record Access- One of the most significant and effective works done in the healthcare industry is using Blockchain to maintain the data of the patients and the professionals. Earlier, it was difficult to analyze the data of a certain patient or professional as the data was maintained by different medical agencies and to analyze the data, it is important to accumulate the data from previous care/medical providers. With the use of Blockchain, the medical records for different patients can be stored in a single place without being tampered and can be accessed and used anytime to provide the necessary care to the patient.
  2. Blockchain to Improve Interaction between Doctors and Patients- Another achievement of Blockchain in the healthcare industry came into light when it was started to be used as a better way of interaction between the doctor and patient. With the use of the Blockchain, the patient can keep a complete track record of their medical health and can give access to the healthcare providers of their health records via mobile phones while the data is kept secure in the blockchain. The professionals can easily scan their health history and provide them easy and effective consultation even if they are not around thus bridging the communication gap between the doctor and the patient.
  3. Blockchain in Tracking Clinical and Pharmaceutical Trials- There are so many advancements carried out in the healthcare industry and with these increasing advancements, it becomes difficult to keep a track record of all the new trials. But with the use of Blockchain technology, it is now possible to track all the clinical and pharmaceutical trials happening in the industry. The healthcare industry is now using Blockchain to keep a complete record of all their trials performed such as to know the exact results of the trials and make necessary advancements in them as required. Instead of turning out pages to know the previous progress the data is now stored in the blockchain and further research is carried out based on the result obtained from the previous trials.
  4. Blockchain in Accessing Electronic Health Record- In the present, most of the Healthcare industries are Electronically managing the records of their patients but it becomes very difficult to manage all the Electronic Health Records(EHR) as the records are managed by different healthcare providers and a difference can occur in the data for the same patient. With the Use of Blockchain, this difference in the data can be erased as the patient will have the control of his medical record and he will have the right to transfer from one doctor to another thus saving the data from hacking and tampering. The Medical record of a patient is maintained in blockchain architecture and the patient can anytime transfer the access of these records to his/her preferred doctor and the professional can see the records the way it has been saved thus making them the same for everyone.
  5. Blockchain for Stopping Counterfeit Drugs- It has been observed that thousands of people die due to counterfeit drugs. Fraudsters mix the imitated drugs with the original ones the moment drugs are loaded for shipping from the manufacturing place or during the shipping process. This way they make counterfeit drugs available in the market along with the real drugs. In such cases, it becomes very difficult for the buyer to identify real medicine among the counterfeit one.

The inefficient supply chain is one of the biggest reasons for the production of counterfeit drugs. In an exercise to put an end to this, the use of Blockchain is playing a vital role. With the help of the blockchain, manufacturers, warehouses, shipping, and logistics partners have been integrated into a single Platform with the hospitals all around the world. Now, each package of medicine is traced using the blockchain network thus making the supply chain effective and reducing the number of counterfeit drugs.

With the advancement in blockchain technology, it is emerging as one of the most trusted solutions for the healthcare industry to execute various operations by maintaining the security and effectiveness of the process.

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