8 Digital Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Online Campaigns in 2020

Technology has made rapid leaps to integrate its roots deeply within every working sector, and the trend only seems to be growing. With the 4th industrial revolution here, it is high time for the global market to digitize its proceedings.

The rise of tech has revolutionized numerous sectors, and marketing is undoubtedly amidst them. The standard ways of marketing have been deemed bulky long since, and with digital marketing on the rise, it is about time the entire marketing domain shifts online.

Everywhere you see, you would witness marketing, and sighting a global business without an online presence is extremely rare. Establishing an online prestige is pivotal in this digital era, and it can only be done through effective digital marketing. The emphasis signifies how essential it is for your digital marketing to be effective.

Almost every second business is running an online campaign, so how come some have garnered a global audience while others are running low on fumes? The answer is simple. Every single brand has the same digital field, so it is all up to you as to how you utilize the resources. If you are new in the domain or if you are looking to get some tips, then read through.

Here are the best 8 digital marketing ideas to boost your online campaigns in 2020:

Best Digital Marketing Tips in 2020

Facebook is the go-to platform for boomers

Facebook has been around for over a decade, and the platform is rightfully considered the pioneer of social media. However, the giant has long since peaked and does not cater to the young audience. A recent report shows that over 41% of the platform’s users are older than 65 years.

The stat puts a whole new perspective into consideration as although it still houses a significant portion of a young audience; it is no way near as Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok. So it is quite clear that running a Gen Z-targeted marketing campaign on Facebook would not be ideal.

On the other hand, this makes the platform perfect if your targeted audience is Gen X or say, boomers.

Instagram is the hub for the young audience, but wait

Nobody would have speculated the meteoric surge of Instagram as the platform surpassed 1 billion users recently. The platform is certainly one of the fastest and largest media on the web, especially for millennials and Gen Z.

Although the platform is a hub to target a young audience, there are far better alternatives on the web. Still, Instagram holds a hefty portion of the audience under the age of 30, so consider this before running your next campaign there.

Chatbots add a new sense of convenience

Regardless of your business scale, maintaining systematic customer service is an issue faced by everyone. Luckily, chatbots have seen an unprecedented rise in 2019, making them a must in every business site. The AI-powered software bridges the gap between audience and manufacturer, even when the customer support is not there.

The 24/7 availability, instant response, and easy setup make the software a hit as it adds a new level of convenience to your site.

Videos are a must

Video marketing has surpassed every expectation with its effectiveness, and if you have not incorporated it in your marketing campaigns, then start now. The time where simple texts could catch the attention of viewers is gone. With more platforms utilizing videos for promoting their proceedings, the struggle for simple content has escalated.

YouTube, the trending video platform garners over a billion views every day, showing just how prevalent videos are today. Moreover, viewers can’t help but get attracted to videos since our brains are wired that way. Human eyes are easily triggered by moving objects, and videos make the optimal use of the information.

In case the video is live, then it is a bonus.

Well-composed content with clear context matters

With video marketing gaining prominence on the web, you might think that “Content is king” is no longer relevant. Well, it is. Content marketing is still an integral part of digital marketing, only with an addition of context.

As Google updates its algorithms constantly to equip the search AIs better, mere well-written content won’t get you the best results. In 2020, your site’s functionality, the content’s relevance, and useful information have become more important.

Do not sound robotic in your emails

Email marketing has been there since the beginning and is still relevant in 2020. However, the approach to email marketing is getting more personalized. People are fed up with the automated text that promoted some random venture they have never heard about.

Now you need to customize your emails in a way that triggers the user to browse a particular site or video. If you are successful in doing so, then you will gain immense profits. Try to keep emails as the final stage of your marketing, and first attract the viewers with free-trials or demo videos.

Interactive content is going mainstream

If you do not know what interactive content is, then here is a simple definition. Anything that users can swipe, interact with, or click on can be deemed interactive content. Some good examples would include AR ads, 360° videos, quizzes, and polls.

With this, you can immerse more people with your content and create a more engaging experience. This eventually becomes memorable, making your audience feel connected with the brand.

Voice interaction is the new gem

With the market filled with voice assistants like Alexa, Google, and Siri, voice interaction has become the new gem. When someone asks the voice assistant to search, it usually shows a handful of research. Therefore, it becomes vital for your product and content to be relevant enough to pop-up in a voice search.

Moreover, it should also provide an optimized and unique experience to foster and establish brand loyalty with the audience.

Wrapping Up

Digital marketing has become the norm in 2020 with every major brand using the approach one way or another. However, even with every other brand using the same platforms, some are prospering while others are not.

Numerous factors accumulate to an online marketing campaign’s success, and the blog has mentioned a few of them. Incorporating the mentioned tips will surely make your digital campaign a massive hit, so try to integrate as many as possible.

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