About Us

EIY SYS is a Global based IT Service Company,offering different Services

About Our Company

EIYSYS is the most trusted and fastest-growing Blockchain company providing innovative solutions, based on real-world needs, to deliver value for people and businesses. We are an agency focused on helping millions of start-ups and enterprises across the globe to have an easy and safe way to access cryptocurrencies. Being one of the top design and technology outsourcing companies, our objective is to improve the world and the lives of people in it by creating a system that enables the decentralization of wealth and information. We are known for our holistic approach to all kind of ICO, Digital Marketing, Website, and Blockchain services. We have a tremendous focus on looking for new opportunities based on Blockchain and smart contract technology for businesses and individuals.
EIYSYS has the privilege to have completed 7+ years in the blockchain industry and continue to grow and develop, adding new elements to our services and new experts to our team.

Work Approach



Our vision describes our aspirations for the future- to be the largest, most valuable and most respected Blockchain and ICO consultancy in the world. Most valuable begins with offering great value to our clients and most respected means our stakeholders see our industry leadership through our focus on economic success and innovation.



Our mission represents our greater purpose in society- to passionately promote blockchain technology and to provide sustainable solutions to our clients. It emphasizes our drive to continually seek the best in everything we do, and an unwillingness to settle for anything less.



Integrity and Respect are the two most important values our company is based upon. Our team is the cornerstone of our business. Each individual is respected and is given prime importance in our organization. We have built this giant empire by respecting and supporting team decisions.


We believe in working as a team; a team that is creative and experienced. A team that uses the latest web technology tools to ensure the performance of your website.

We wish to grow for the benefit of our shareholders and employees, as well as the well-being of communities in which we live and work. We create and nurture a positive environment in our company and this has been a major contribution to our success.

EIY SYS believes in empowering organizations and individuals to realize their full potential and is committed to investing in tools, technology, and the development of the team.


Meet our Leaders


Lalit Bansal is a founder and CEO of EIY SYS with 14 years of affluent experience in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, ICO, Digital Marketing, Fintech, and Growth Hacking. An engineer by training and an entrepreneur by profession, his leadership, experience, and connections make him a smart advisor.

Lalit Bansal



Director of EIY SYS, Poonam Garg is responsible for leading, coaching and mentoring other members and supporting their professional development. Her skills and abilities include visionary leadership, ability to motivate a workforce, effective management, communication and negotiation, and decision making.

Poonam Garg